Buying Property in Thailand

The country attracts many expats looking to buy property either as a lifestyle or investment. Bangkok has a wide range of newer and legacy properties, and the Andaman coast is home to popular Phuket with its luxury pool villas. While it is possible for foreigners to purchase freehold land, most prefer condominiums as they offer […]

Thailand Real Estate Pitfalls

Thailand Real Estate Pitfalls

Thailand Real Estate Pitfalls. Purchasing property in Thailand has been very popular in the past, especially as it offered non-Thais a way to acquire freehold land. Although plans for the future are loosening up, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a purchase. Using an experienced real estate lawyer will help […]

Common Real Estate Problems in Thailand

Purchasing real estate in Thailand is a popular and profitable investment. But the country’s property market has some subtleties that frighten many investors. For example, well-connected Thais may purchase an “off-plan” condo project before construction begins and then sell it off the books to a longer term investor to avoid taxes and scrutiny. 1. Encroachment […]