Intellectual Property Rights in Thailand

In Thailand, the popular content of intellectual property rights covers a wide range of industries and creative works. Some of the notable areas of intellectual property rights in Thailand include: Trademarks: Trademarks are important for brand protection and are commonly registered in Thailand. Popular trademarks in Thailand include those associated with food and beverages, fashion, […]

Transfer of Title Deed in Thailand

Thailand Property Title Transfer

There are different kinds of title deed in Thailand, which are different from the kinds in the West. Whether you’re purchasing property in Thailand or you’re planning to buy a property in Thailand, it’s important to know the differences between these types of deeds. You should also register your superficies and usufruct to make sure […]

Property Contract Legal Review Thailand

Contract Review in Thailand

A Thailand Property Contract Legal Review is an essential step in the buying process. As a foreign buyer, you may not be familiar with all of the laws and clauses of the contract, which is why you should hire a legal professional with a wealth of experience in purchasing property in Thailand. Moreover, a lawyer […]

Due Diligence in Thailand

Due Diligence in Thailand

Due diligence is an important part of buying property in Thailand, especially for foreign buyers. It involves conducting a thorough search for legal encumbrances and other issues on the property you intend to purchase. This includes physical inspections of the property, requesting legal status documents from the seller, and asking about sewage systems, telephone systems, […]